Discovery Summer Camp 

Discovery Boy and Girl Scouts held a joint camp this September Holiday. During the camp the scouts learnt Leadership, Team Work, Survival Skills, Pioneering worked on most Advancement Badges. The camp included lots of games and water activities.

Overall a very succesful Camp was held and loads of fun was had. From water swi ngs to giants "fuffy-slides" I believe everyone enjoyed a long over due Camp.


Thanks goes out to all those who made this camp possible; Gavin Penkin (owner of the property), Ken stanton, Bronwyn Gopper, Byron (Iguana) Gopper, Teresa Van Gool, Penny Harris, William(Gavin's Worker), Kent Jennings, Frances Hilbig (transport), John Francis (transport).

Thank you to all the Parents who came out on Sunday for a picnic, it was a pleasure having all of you there.




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Start date: 24th September 2009

: o9h00 - Meeting at the hall in full uniform.

End Date: 27th September 2009

:16h00 - Meeting back at the hall.

Place: Gavin’s plot – Vaal River (Near Vaal Eden, Below the Barrage. It is 100km from the 14th Rd On Ramp to the highway)