Backwoodsman Interest Badge

Over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th October, 5 Discovery Scouts with other scouts from the district completed the Backwoodsman Interest Badge. The Backwoodsman Badge is more complex version of the Survival Badge, which can only be attempted after completing the Survival Badge.

Congrats to Brendan V, Nicholas F, Daniel K, Gilad K and Philip C.

Survival Badge

During the Discovery Troop Holiday Camp, every one on camp started the Survival Badge. Although all the practical work was complete, there was still more theory for every one to learn at troop. The Boys completed there theory and have now earned their Survival Badge.

Congratulation to all those boys who went on Camp.

13th November 2009 - Troop Night

This was a special night as Ken Stanton with the help of all the other Scouters handed out a total of 46 Badges!!!

Congratulations to everyone who received one or more badges!