Kontiki 2009 - Raft

Raft Lay Out Drum Lashings A Square Lashing Laying Planks
Laying More Planks Now the Decking The Super Structure The wheels
Almost there The left The right The back
The Big Pirate The Main Pirate Cooking Table The Team
Our Raft The Team Docking the Raft Sweetness
The Raft Mates Pirate Faces Loosing weight A working train
The Main Man Fabian Gama - Emotional Move it Friendship
Skid Marks The Termits Get to Work The Helping Hand Another Hand
The Fastest Take down Lots of Workers Almost Done Dam, Thats Fast
The used to be Raft Now its Just packing Cleaning Finish

Two Rafts pulled ashore, a lunch break, and full dismantle in under a hour. Well Done!