Dear Scout/Parent  


Your Scout Troop has joined the Makro Strubens Valley Rebate Program, which is designed to generate extra funds for your club for development of the grounds and make improvements that would otherwise not be possible.   


This programme rewards the Club for shopping at Makro Strubens Valley by giving a percentage of their transaction value back to the Club.


If you are an existing Makro cardholder or if you do not have your own Makro access card and would like one issued, and you wish to join the programme, please complete the attached form and return it to your  Club.  As a Makro cardholder you will have access to the best deals in Africa on quality branded merchandise at the lowest wholesale prices and all under one roof. 


If you are already linked to a Rebate programme you may refill out the form and state which club/school/troop you wish to be a part of. Thus moving you account details to the new account. 


Once your card is linked, Discovery Scout Troop will benefit every time you shop at Makro Strubens Valley by receiving a percentage of the profits, on a six monthly basis that we earned from the purchases you made. 


It is important to note that whilst you are welcome to use your card at any Makro branch, only purchases from the Makro Strubens Valley store will be acknowledged for the rebate. 


Come and get the best deals from Makro Strubens Valley and at the same time, raise funds for your Club!


Please Contact Terence Vrugtman for more details or a Application Form