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John Black, a former 1st Discovery Springbok scout has just climbed Mount Everest. John Black received his springbok in 1997 and has dreamed of climbing Everest for 15 years. The trip took 4 years to plan and immense funding. John Climbed with a Scouting friend Robby Kojetin (1st Germiston Scout Troop).  

The Times News Paper Reported.


Climbing Everest for kids  

TWO South African mountain climbers have set their sights on conquering the world's highest peak for one of the country's favourite charities, the Childhood Cancer Foundation (CHOC).  

But Robbie Kojetin and John Black are being held back: by snow storms and an avalanche last week, in which a mountain guide was killed.

Kojetin and Black, who hope to begin their ascent of Mount Everest in the "next few days", have spent the last eight weeks acclimatising to the high altitude at Base Camp in Nepal.  

"We are not sure exactly when we will leave, but it should be in the next four or five days ..." said Black, 28, who is from Cape Town, on Saturday. .  

"The weather forecast for the summit is -25C and a wind speed of around 30knl/h per hour," he said. Kojetin, 30, from Durban, described the avalanche on their blog.  

"That avalanche came down the wall and destroyed everything in its path. The climbers up there were brought to safety after a three-hour rescue operation. One Sherpa is presumed dead after not being found," he said.  

Kojetin and Black are part of a 22-member international team. The two have climbed South America’s highest peak, Mt Aconcagua, Mount Elbrus in Russia and Africa's highest, Mount Kilimanjaro.  

"I think that the charity fund­raising has helped to keep us both motivated," Kojetin said.  

Their summit climb "will take about five days. - Sally Evans, 18 May 2009  

Up Everest for charity  

TWO South Africans have climbed the highest Mountain in the world.  

Robbie Kojetin and, John Black, climbing for one of the country’s favourite charities, the CHOC Childhood Cancer foundation, reached Mount Everest's summit at the weekend.  

Kojetin, 30, climbed to raise awareness of lymphoma and to attract funds for the foundation, calling it a "Climb of Hope".  

Black, 28, from Cape Town, wrote on his blog: "Every fibre of my body is fatigued and painful but my mind is dancing."  

Kojetin, from Durban, was in a different group to Black and reached the summit on Saturday morning.       ,  

The descent to base camp will take about five days.  

“I think that charity fund-raising has helped keep us motivated," Kojetin told The Times.  

Kojetin and Black "were part of a 22 member international team that spent eight weeks acclima ­ tising to the high altitude at the base camp in Nepal. - Sally Evans, 25May 2009  

John and Robby

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