1st Discovery Cubs





1st Discovery Cubs

The Discovery pack is a mixed pack of both Girls and Boys between the ages of 7year and 11years.    

We house 3 Sixes at the moment being Yellow, Red & Green.  


Our  Pack Scouters are Akela (Mary Hagens), Kim (Alison Powell) & Baloo (Stuart Veal). Following Scouting tradition, all cub pack leaders adopt names from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”.  


The Cub Trail is split According to age as follows:  

Caracals 7-8 years 

Cheetahs 8-9 years,  

Leopards 9-10 years 

Lions 10-11 years  

Cubs who are 10 years old also get to work toward their Leaping Wolf badge, the highest award for a cub.  


In addition to working towards their Advancement badges, cubs also work on Interest Badges, of which there is a large variety including Sportsman, swimming, handcraft, recycling, first aid and much more. We try and encourage the Cubs to work on as many badges as they can.  


For 2011 we are planning to hold a Pack Camp and we also plan to go on as many outings as possible. We also have a number of District events which helps us get to know the other Cub Packs.  


We current have 18 invested Cubs.  


Visitors are always welcome! 


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