BP Day/Parade

This BP weekend was a special one! Instead of having just the normal activity, it was also the centenary of the Guides Association. The District took part and made it a success.


Below are the images from the Guide Parade and the March. Thanks to all those that came.

 Our Float - Banners

Kevin sitting around the fire at camp!

DSG Banner

The Formal Parade


The March

Girl Guides


Flower Power

Eagles Float


Something strange

Nothing like Camp

Bird House

A Float in its own right

DSG Float

3rd Krugersdorp Float

Those that came.






On top of all the Marching, we had our owe celebrating to do! As is tradition, The Arena Trophy was up for grabs in another District head on Competition... Unfortunately the competition ended in a 4 way tie. It was decided that the trophy would be kept by the old winners (Discovery) and we would compete another day.

The District

Arena Trophy

Under, Over, Under

Under we go

Fill the bucket

Fill it, quick!

Under, Over Under again


Run and empty it




The Judges


Speed is the key!